Trees are good! The best slogan to follow now days is “Only one planet, make the world greener”.

Planting trees is very important as it is a lifelong asset. The most important work of trees to the mankind is to provide oxygen which is essential for respiration purpose. So, worldwide if we decrease the tree count on earth, we probably to face an abrupt deprivation of oxygen. We at Just Solve Foundation want to make world where human can be a friend with trees, where environment is a chunk of our idea of development. Our main approach is to make the sustainable development in terms of better living. Trees are nature’s mesmerizing gift to mankind.

The main aim of Just Solve Foundation is to raise hands forward to plant the millions of trees which helps in providing fruitful future to next generation. We are intended to educate people with the ability to know the value of trees, the necessity for proper tree care, and the advantages of trees to the environment.

Have you ever thought what are you planning to do for Earth? It’s important to think about this question as being a human you want earth to be a healthier place to live, play and work. We at Just Solve Foundation believes that just planting is not a solution, taking care proper for long term of saplings can give better results in the initiation of green world. Tree plantation is the procedure which should be done throughout the year but as per result it is best to do in Monsoon season.

Here are some of the points we at Just Solve keep in mind while doing tree plantation: –  

  • As far as possible, natural trees should be planted.
  • Tree fence should be provided for pavement plantations.
  • Seedlings should be sprinkled frequently during times of a dry spell.
  • Well-drained profound grimy muds are finest suited for plant growth.
  • Soil or plantation area should be allowed of construction unused, etc.
  • Dung should be used during plantation and during the primary growth stage of the plants. Manures should not be added.
  • Schools and colleges should implement “one child one plant” program, where the concern of reaping the plant lies with the student. This will be an educative experience for the student as well.

How trees make a difference: –

  • Trees give the green shelter important on land and we can do this without trees.
  • Trees help to fight the weather variation by eradicating CO2 and greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.
  • Trees have an amazing power to alleviate human developed global warming and shield the atmosphere.
  • Trees also play an important role in purifying the air by maintaining the ecological balance and preventing soil erosion.
  • If it’s corporate area, Trees make people feel refreshing. Employees are more up to the mark when they perceive trees along their travel routes and from their office spaces.
  • For healthier life, trees help in reducing stress and lower heart rates.
  • Trees moderate the effects of sun and wind, and they purify the air by deceiving dust, pollen and other toxins.