Poverty has been a constant and persistent issue in India, all the way through the independence to decades after that. Role of Just Solve foundation is to help the needy people with enormous important amenities. Basically, according to recent records, an enormous amount of the Indian population is still lower the poverty level.

Throughout the last few years, our main focus is to extremely focus on poverty enhancement mechanism. We at Just Solve want to come up with some of the best employment prospects, livelihood programs, self-help groups and also empowerment programs. We want to make many families enjoy with some of the most reliable and feasible benefits.

Role of Just Solve Foundation in poverty alleviation: –

  • Just Solve foundation play an important role in providing relief and other basic amenities to individuals who are going through extreme poverty.
  • We have initiated some empowerment programs which help both men and women, thereby providing some worthy advantages in their lifestyle.
  • We have brought about some viable and effective, skill-based livelihood programs.
  • Diverse programs are implemented by us both at Macro and Micro levels.
  • We are also trying to execute some feasible growth programs which are highly handy for the poor people.

In addition to this, many other strategies are incorporated by the Just Solve Foundation to decrease poverty count. Social development is one such program which is counted as an important role in the alleviation of poverty. We aim to promote the development of self-help groups, small scale industries and various micro finance units which offer diverse employment scopes to the poor.