Every society has some issues, and these are basically termed as social problems. It is an issue that is highly affecting a significant percentage of a nation’s population or society.

Social problems (also social conflict, social evil, and social issue) refers to any unsolicited condition that is opposite either by the entire society or by a section of the society. It is a social situation, often objectionable, the continuance of which is harmful for the society.

Social issues are caused by some factors that are beyond the control of a single person and cause a lot of conflict on the ethical grounds. Just Solve foundation main reason is to look around for individuals who are going through these problems: –

There are some common characteristics of all social problems. This include:

  • Social issues are those conditions that have bad and harmful consequences for society.
  • Social problems increase when there is an eccentricity of the people or the nature of society from the ideal situation.
  • Almost all social problems have some common origin.
  • Many of the social evils are interconnected, and if one is untangled, then others also get resolved.
  • Social problems have an enormous effect on society and may affect any community of the society.
  • Social issues require a collective approach to be unraveled.
  • Almost all communities in this world have social problems.

India is going through a many social issues likewise caste system, child labour, gender inequality, illiteracy, dowry system, religious conflicts, and many more. We at Just Solve believe that now it’s a high time that the society gets release from these objectionable social evils. Just Solve Foundation fight against these issues and assist the people who are going through the similar problems.